Matthew W. Hume

Programming and Simulation

I have a variety of programming and simulation projects that I work on, either as an author or as a contributor. Many of these projects can be found on my Github page

Project Apollo — NASSP

Quoting from our GitHub Page:

Project Apollo - NASSP (also known as NASSP or NCPP) is an add-on for the Orbiter space flight simulator. Project Apollo simulates the Apollo missions to Earth orbit and the Moon, and is slowly expanding to simulate planned post-Apollo missions that never flew. Project Apollo features a near-full implementation of the control panels in the Command Module and Lunar Module, and an increasingly accurate simulation of the internal systems (e.g. electrical distribution, fuel cells). Also the Virtual AGC software is supported, which allows you to run precisely the same on-board guidance software as used by the real Apollo Guidance Computer.

I have been a semi-regular contributor to NASSP since April of 2020. My contributions, while small in comparison to the rest of the team include:

Historic Aerospace Software

A collection of NASA (and others) public domain software, much of which is for early mainframes like the IBM360 and 7090/7094 HistoricAerospaceSoftware on Github

Anyone who wishes to contribute should create an issue on the GitHub repository relating to the document, routine, or program they wish to contribute; fork the repository, and transcribe the routine, preserving as closly as possible the original punch-card format including any control cards ($IBSYS, jcl, et c.); and create a pull-request to the main repo.
A list of programs that I would like to transcribe/add can be found here: Documents to be Transcribed