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Links to Other Sites

This page contains links to other sites that I like or find interesting. If you would like your page added, or if you'd like it removed, please contact me.

Please consider linking to my page if you like it. I know people don't really have "links" pages like they did in the 1990s, but its still a really great way to find things. SEO is making Google searches useless, so I think we're going to have to build a "phonebook" for the internet again.


Link Description A site dedicated to Apollo Guidance Computer and CDU backplane wiring, as well as an interactive core-rope module simulator.
The Virtual AGC Project Home of the VirtualAGC emulator, and massive Apollo/Gemini/Shuttle document archive.


Link Description
PDP-10 Software Archive Tape images of software archives for the PDP-10
Phil Budne's Page PDP-6/10, Unix, SIMh, etc.
KA-10 Photos Some Photos of a KA-10 System, and manual cover scans.
Joe Smith's PDP-10 PAGE PDP-10 Information and links.
Sky-Visions Rich Cornwell's Site: IBM700/7000, PDP-10, Burroughs 5500, Kites and More!
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection Paul Pierce's Site. IBM 709, 7094, 1401, CTSS, lots of archived tapes.
David Pitt's IBM 7090 Page Archived IBSYS, CTSS. Cross assemblers, for the 709, 7090, 7094, 7070 and 7080.
Muticians History of the Multics Operating System.


Link Description
Early Music Sources Sources, publications, and videos about early music.
WWW.PARTIMENTI.ORG Transcriptions of partimenti and solfeggi.